Music video for ‘Get Out Alive’ premieres on The Wireless

December 23, 2015

Recently announced as a Silver Scroll finalist, Mel Parsons reveals the official release of the new

video for ‘Get Out Alive’, which made APRA’s Top 5 shortlist for 2015. The song features Anika

Moa’s haunting backing vocals, and a driving rhythm section sparsely colouring Parsons’ lyrics,

which were inspired by a close brush with death in a vehicle accident last year. Parsons walked

away from the wreckage and ended up penning the eerie track, which features on her new album

‘Drylands’. The video was shot in Wellington, directed, filmed and edited by Finn O’Connor of Couch Kumaras and featuring Parsons’ full band including guitarist Gerry Paul; bassist Aaron Stewart; drummer Nick George, and guest backing vocalist Eva Prowse.

Check out the video here: